Terms and Conditions for Online Courses

Borgensgaard Consulting offers online courses to companies/professionals for a fee. These terms and conditions as well as Borgensgaard Consulting's cookie and privacy policy apply to all companies/professionals with whom Borgensgaard Consulting enters into the agreement on access to course material.

Online courses are delivery of digital content, usually delivered immediately after registration. Therefor, it is not possible to cancel these online courses and there is therefor no right of withdrawal.

Digital content delivery is dedicated to a unique user-id and password. User-id and password are confidential information and must be stored and processed as such. Holder of user-id and password may not sell, assign or otherwise provide third party access to course content.

In case of sign-up for an online course, which is not delivered immediately after registration, cancellation can be done by holder of user-id within 14 days after ordering. The right of cancellation lapses upon delivery of the service.

I reserve the right to record online courses for resale.

Courses may be canceled due to lack of participants or other reasons. In such cases, payment is refunded within 7 days after cancellation.

If there is a substantial delay of a course exceeding 14 days, payment can be refunded upon request.


Intellectual property and property rights 

All rights to materials used as a part of an online course belong to Borgensgaard Consulting. The materials are protected under the Copyright and Marketing Act, so copying - mechanical, digital, photographic or other reproduction of written materials or parts thereof - is not permitted unless agreed with Borgensgaard Consulting.



All use of the service is at your own risk. Borgensgaard Consulting is not liable for the use of the website or course content, including loss of revenue, loss of operation or loss of data, disruptions of operations or similar losses.


Force Majeure 

If force majeure arises which prevents a party from fulfilling its obligations under the agreement, those obligations shall be deferred corresponding to the period of the force majeure situation.



If you are not satisfied with the service, please contact us at email: charlotte@borgensgaaard-consulting.dk. Complaints must be in writing with description of the specific defects or deficiencies.



If a Party substantially breaches its obligations under the agreement, the other Party shall be entitled to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect. Lack of payment is always considered as a breach of obligation.



Any dispute between Borgensgaard Consulting and the other Party must be resolved by negotiation in order to resolve the dispute amicably. If no amicably settlement has been reached within 25 calendar days of the commencement of the negotiation, each Party may bring the dispute to the Danish courts.


Change of terms and conditions

Terms and conditions are subject to change with 15 days' notice.


Additional information 

If you need more detailed information on the course content, please contact us at charlotte@borgensgaard-consulting.dk.


General information

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