Quality Leadership

Quality Leadership – Do the right things

Quality leadership is a precondition for implementing an effective quality management process. How leaders structure and direct the organization as well as how they behave, have a high impact on the quality performance. A clear quality vision and strategy ensures focus on the right things and support a good prioritization and decision process.

It is important to transmit the vision & strategy into expected behavior clearly defined in a quality culture. The science of human behavior stresses the importance of making things very concrete in order to achieve the goals.

I have an extensive experience working with different sizes of organizations worldwide on Quality Leadership and can help you and your organization with these topics among others:

  • Quality Vision
  • Quality Strategy
  • Quality KPIs
  • Quality Culture
  • Quality Reporting and Communication
  • Management Review
  • Customer Satisfaction & Quality Review Programs
  • Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) 
  • Knowledge Management

It is important that managers get the necessary support to develop into true leaders as you can only lead people as far as you have gone yourself. Leadership starts looking inside and grow from inside out. As a coach I can support this process by helping in developing more clarity and introduce you/your leaders to different tools.

You are more than welcome to contact me for an informal discussion about your challenges and to hear more about how I can help you, your team and/or your organization. I will always base my approach on where you are in your process, taking into consideration the size and complexity of your organization.