My purpose


My purpose is to help and inspire others to improve quality performance by creating an increased awareness of the vital role that leadership and company culture plays along with human behavior.


To provide consulting services which helps companies, teams and professionals to improve quality performance and reduce human errors by strengthen leadership and effective quality management in compliance with applicable requirements and based on human nature.


Quote by Soeren Kierkegaard, danish philosopher 1813-1855

The art of helping others to understand

If one is truly to succeed in leading a person to a specific place, one must first and foremost take care to find him, where he is and begin there.

This is the secret in the entire art of helping.

Anyone who cannot do this, is himself under a delusion, if he thinks, he is able to help someone else. In order truly to help someone else, I must understand more than he – but certainly first and foremost understand what he understands.

If I do not do that, then my greater understanding does not help him at all. If I nevertheless want to assert my greater understanding, then it is because I am vain or proud, then basically instead of benefiting him, I really want to be admired by him.

But all true helping begins with a humbling.

The helper must first humble himself under the person he wants to help and thereby understand that to help is not to dominate but to serve, that to help is a not to be the most dominating, but the most patient, that to help is a willingness for the time being, to put up with, being in the wrong and not understanding, what the other understands.