Systematic Problem Solving

Systemtic Problem Solving 

Many companies find that the same errors reoccur even after implementation of the corrective actions.

The reason is often that the real root cause of the problem is not revealed, and instead corrective actions based on symptoms are introduced.

I can help you put in place a good systematic problem-solving process, which takes into account the complexity of the problem.

I usually distinguish between the operational quality loop and the improving quality loop, where systematic problem solving is only included in the improving quality loop.

Typically, I will work with 3 different levels of systematic problem solving:

  • Small problems where it is easy to find and implement solution
  • Complex and recurring problems where the solution is unknown
  • Very complex issues identified as a project


The methodology I usually use for complex and recurring problems is an 8 discipline problem-solving model (8D):

  • D1: Establish a cross-organizational team
  • D2: Describe the problem
  • D3: Define interim containment plan
  • D4: Do a root cause analysis
  • D5: Define permanent corrective action
  • D6: Implement permanent corrective action
  • D7: Implement preventive activities
  • D8: Recognize the team for their efforts


I can help you establish your systematic problem-solving process, teach your staff and facilitate systematic problem solving of real deviations, errors and defects.