News from Borgensgaard Consulting

Borgensgaard Consulting will celebrate 1-year anniversary this summer and it has been a huge pleasure to support companies in Life Science industry with consultancy services. I look forward to helping even more companies in the time to come.

I hope that more people and companies can benefit from my learnings through +25 years working with Quality Leadership, Quality Management and Compliance. I will in the nearest future make Online Courses available which includes Test and Certificate. The courses will typically be of 2 hours duration divided in several submodules, which can be accessed when it suits you. My list of potential subjects is long and includes my experience working with Quality Culture & Mindset, cGMP, Primary Plastic Packaging for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device Regulation.

It is important for me to offer courses, which meets your needs and create value for you and your company.

I am therefore very interested in learning about YOUR needs and ideas and hope that you will help me by signing-up and answering my questionnaire before 15th of May 2020. It only takes a few minutes.

I will thank you with a 25% discount on the first online course you join.